13:41 - Wed 06th February 2019

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This Bastion skin from Overwatch matches the theme of the game in a post-apocalyptic environment that is overgrown and getting a bit rusted/dated.
Also from Overwatch I want my weapons to be a similar style to the guns used in the Overwatch universe, the example above is from the character Mercy.

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I am also taking inspiration from The Last of Us a game set within a zombie apocalypse. The art and feel of the game is the style I am after with this project as it really shows off the decrepit nature of a world that has been abandoned in a hurry. Another example of this is the real life setting of Pripyat which is a town in the northern Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened, this town is the perfect example of the abandoned style I would like for my game.
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I would like the playstyle of the game to feel very similar to the Oculus game Robo Recall, a first person VR shooter made by Epic Games, the reason I am using Robo Recall as the inspiration for the playstyle is because the experience is smooth and feels very natural for a player.
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When it comes down to the enemy's in my game I would like them to behave similarly to enemies in Robo Recall where they approach the stockpile then if the player is too close they divert and start attacking the player before advancing on the stockpile once the player is dead. As well as Robo Recall I would also like to take inspiration from The Last of Us with the enemies having similar styling to Joel also taking inspiration from survivors in The Walking Dead.
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