16:32 - Fri 15th February 2019


Assault of Democracy is a first person VR game where the player has to protect their stockpile from other survivors of the apocalypse who are all fighting for resources. Assault of Democracy takes gameplay inspiration from Robo Recall (Robo Recall, 2019) and Raw Data (Raw Data, 2016) and an art style taken from games like The Last of Us (The Last of Us, 2013).


Intuitive gameplay/controls

Technical Outline

The biggest technical issue I expect to face while developing Assault of Democracy is making the game VR as I have not created a VR game before and I will have to learn a brand new SDK and different techniques as the game will have to run at a high frame rate.
My final obstacle is that I have a tendency to burn myself out which I will have to overcome by forcing myself to stop working after periods of time.

Asset List

Unity3D (Unity3D, 2004)
Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop, 1990)
Rider (Rider, 2016)


Milestone one - (Due: 11th - 15th February 2019)
Assignment 1: Project plan completed and ready for submission (15th February 2019 4:00pm).
Sword and Gun track to left and right hands respectively
Sword and Bullets collide + kill enemies

Milestone two - (Due: 18th - 22nd February 2019)
Stockpile health/size
Player health
VR teleportation
Make gun shoot using controller
Player model
Gun clip/reloading
Make the environment

Milestone three - (Due: 11th - 1th March 2019)
Polish bullets - speed, accuracy, ect
External camera/spectator

Milestone four - (Due: 25th -29st March 2019)
Code refactor

Milestone five - (Due: 6th -10th May 2019)
Project submission


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